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FAQ and Rental Tips

Not sure where to start? We do! Scroll down, and you'll find all the answers you're looking for. If we don't have it here, just give us a call or shoot us an email. We'll respond soon as we can!



1. When's the best time to start looking for an apartment?

A: Generally 3 months before your looking to move. Tenants have 60-90 days notice to notify the landlord as to wether their going to renew or move out. We DO get listings before that time hits, however, so it's always best to keep checking out website!

There's also two different turnover cycles - JUNE and SEPTEMBER. So the spring and the summer are our busiest seasons. 

2. I have a dog or a cat. Is JP pet friendly?

A. YES, much of JP is pet friendly! Not all units are, though - it depends on the preferences of your landlord. Information regarding pet policies for each unit can be found on our listings pages.

3. Do you have any listings outside of JP?

A. Yes, we do! We also have lots of Roslindale, and sometimes West Roxbury and Mission Hill. However, we do mainly focus on renting in JP.

4. What is the average pricing like here?

A. It can depend on location (close you are to Centre street, specifically) but one beds average at about $1500-$1600 give or take, two beds $1800-$2000, three beds $2200-$2500, and four beds can start at $3000.00. 

5. How's parking?

A. Street parking's everywhere! Most parts of JP don't need residential stickers, but getting one's pretty easy if you do. They're available through Boston's City Hall - 617.635.4200.You'll need your car registered and ensured as your new address to get a sticker,. 


The student area landlords will ask you to sign your lease for NEXT Sept. now....do not worry...there will be an apartment for you in JP but our listings come in as late as Aug 1st though June and July are good times too. Call us if you have ANY questions.

The JUNE 1ST availabilities are timed to attract the incoming medical area people, Residents and Fellows, and may come in as early as April. We are so perfectly located for the Medical areas, Harvard Med, Longwood , Downtown, as well as Angell Memorial Animal Hospital and Tufts Veterinary that we have adjusted our schedules to match theirs in many cases.We accept the Partners guaranty program for incoming residents at B&W,Faulkner,MGH and participating hospitals. If you are moving from abroad and cannot come to Boston to look for an apartment, we will work with you digitally.Don't hesiatate to call or e-mail us.

When you call Fenway, Mission Hill,Brighton or Allston real estate agents looking for September rentals, they may say you are calling late but remember that they are predominantly working with students and will rent for September as early as February! Our September1st listings come in from April on through July and even a bunch in August!.

So don't panic if nothing is in when you call! It just may not be in yet!

SEPTEMBER 1 IS moving day in Boston! Most leases are on a 9/1 cycle because of the student market...even in non-student neighborhoods - so expect a big selection then....but JAMAICA PLAIN HAS A STRONG JUNE 1 TURNOVER! OUR PROXIMITY TO THE MEDICAL AREA HAS CREATED A NEW JP DEMOGRAPHIC AND WE HAVE A WONDERFUL SELECTION OF APARTMENTS FOR SINGLE RESIDENTS TO FAMILIES!...AND FIDO AND KITTY TOO!

$ Money:
You need three to four month's rent in advance. First and last month for the landlord is standard. There may be a security deposit of up to one month's rent (especially if you have pets!) and there is a finder's fee of up to one month's rent, depending on the supply and demand. Some owners will contribute to the rental fee so it varies but be prepared to have 4 months rent ready....then you may be pleasantly surprised if it is less! This year, it is a landlord's market so tenants are paying the full fee. We do try to get landlords to take first and last OR security to lessen the cost, but we are not always successful.
Good landlord and employment references are helpful. If you are a student or job hunting, be prepared to have a parent or someone co-sign the lease for you. There is an application and co-signer forms that are available at all agencies.

Good Credit:

NO ONE can turn you down for an apartment except on grounds of income or credit. If you do not make enough to pay the rent or if your credit report shows an inclination not to pay your bills or pay them late, you will have a difficult time being accepted. Come prepared! Have a co-signer ready to help or have a security deposit (one month!) to offer if you may have problems.

One important thing to note about Boston apartments: legally, an apartment is only required to be left "broom clean." ( this means no furniture or trash left in the apartment) Many tenants clean apartments when they leave, but many do not: especially if the landlord does not take a security deposit. The quick turn over of apartments often does not allow time for a landlord to clean so your apartment may not be as clean as you would like it to be.....just a heads up.



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