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APARTMENT APPLICATIONS:   (click here to download)
If you're renting an apartment, this is the application you'll need to fill out.

(NOTE: If you're an incoming new tenant for roommate change or sublet, this process does NOT apply to you. Please review NEW TENANT PROCESS tab, or "For New Roommates, Sublets, and Contracts" beneath this section. )

Fees and items required for apartment rental applications are as follows;

  • $40.00       -   application fee, per person
  • $40.00       -   cosigner application fee, per person (if applicable)
  • AMOUNT OF ONE MONTH'S RENT, held until final Landlord review
  • EMPLOYMENT VERIFICATION - two recent pay stubs, offer letter OR tax document

All of THESE fees are due up front upon submitting applications. Application and Cosigner Fees are non-refundable. The one month's fee is held until the Landlord has reviewed your application(s), chosen to either accept or reject your application. The one month's fee is deposited upon acceptance - however, upon rejection, your fee is refunded and returned to you promptly.




PROSPECTIVE TENANT APPLICATIONS:  (click here to download)
We also offer individual application processing services - applicable for roommate changes, new tenants for renewals/lease rewrites, and subletting. PLEASE DO NOT USE OUR 'RENTAL' APPLICATION FOR THIS PROCESS - WE WILL NOT PROCESS YOUR APPLICATION IF YOU USE THE WRONG ONE.

Please be advised - WE DO NOT COLLECT ANY RENT PAYMENTS OR FEES DUE TO LANDLORD for our Contract Writing and Prospective Tenant Processing services.

Fees and items required for the application process are as follows;

  • $50.00       -   application fee, per person
  • $50.00       -   cosigner application fee, per person (if applicable)
  • $200.00     -   CONTRACT WRITE FEE, held until final Landlord review
  • Prospective Tenant Application -         (click here to download)
  • Cosigner Application (if applicable) -  (click here to download)
  • Employment Verification (i.e. two paystubs, offer letter, tax doc, etc..)
  • Cosigner Form (if required)
  • Photo ID Picture

1. A Prospective Tenant Application, Application Fees and $200.00 Contract Fee (if landlord requests a contract be written) are required up front to begin the process. The $150 is held until the application has been reviewed. Application fees are non-refundable.

2. When everything's in, and processing is complete, we present your application to the landlord for review. They accept or reject your application(s) - not us. 

3. If your application is accepted, and the landlord requests a contract be written, the $150.00 contract fee is cashed upon acceptance. If your application is not accepted, the $150.00 fee is returned to you. Application and Cosigner Fees are non-refundable.

4. After drafting the lease, the landlord reviews and we make any necessary changes requested. Once finally approved, you are emailed a PDF copy for review along with final instructions for signature and hand-in.

5. REMAINING FEES DUE FOR FIRST, LAST, SECURITY, ETC  ARE NOT DUE TO OUR OFFICE - they are due to your landlord. Once the lease has been signed, you will receive the finalized copy, wether physical or digital signature.


Cosigners are required to complete the Cosigner Application (available for download above). Eligible cosigners must meet the following criteria;

  • Good Credit
  • Sufficient Income (1 Year Rent   >  1/3 Yearly Salary/Income)
  • Cannot be co-tenant on the lease already (roommates cannot cosign for you)

To start the process - COSIGNER FORMS DO NOT HAVE TO BE NOTARIZED RIGHT AWAY. We can begin with a pre-filled out copy to start. This helps us process information soon as possible for the Landlord. HOWEVER - once accepted, the legal notarized copy will STILL be required and must be provided soon as possible.

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